Soccer Team Owner Runs Onto Field With Gun And Threatens To Kill The Ref


Odds are you missed the Greek soccer game between PAOK and AEK Athens Sunday night because you were busy doing anything else, but that means you missed one of the richest men in the world run onto the pitch and allegedly threaten to shoot the referee with his gun.

According to The Washington Post, PAOK owner Ivan Savvidis was pissed that the ref disallowed a goal in the 89th minute that would have pretty much wrapped up the game because of a sketchy offsides call, but instead of waiting to voice his displeasure at the presser following the game, he decided to “twice storm the field while armed with a holstered handgun and surrounded by bodyguards.”

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The head coach for AEK Athens told a reporter after the game that ” Savvidis approached referee Giorgos Kominis, showed him his gun and said ‘your career as a referee has ended.'” That didn’t sit well with pretty much everybody, as the AEK Athens players all left the field because they feared for their safety, and Greek officials issued an arrest warrant for him just for running onto the field.

Geez. Imagine how pissed they’ll be when somebody tells them about the fucking gun.