Boston Red Sox Hope to Change Name of Iconic Fenway Street

Photo: Adam Glanzman (Getty Images)

MLB’s legendary franchise Boston Red Sox have filed a petition to the city of Boston in order to change the name of the street adjecent to their home, Fenway Park. The street in question is the vibrant Yawkey Way, which bears its name because of the Red Sox’s previous owner Tom Yawkey.

The man who was in charge with the legendary baseball team between 1933 to 1976 has been acused of being a racist, and sexually abusing minors. Under his guidance, the Red Sox were the last MLB team to have a black player on its roster, which didn’t stop him from being inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame in 1980.

The Red Sox are trying to differentiate themselves from this history, and the Yawkey family which sold the team to John Henry in 2002. The Red Sox has released an official statement on the subject and they hope that the street will be given its previous name — Jersey Street.

“It is important to separate the unfortunate and undeniable history of the Red Sox with regards to race and integration from the incredible charitable work the Yawkey Foundation has accomplished in this millennium and over the last 16 years”

The Yawkey Foundation has called the acusations a “false narrative” and have disclosed their disappointment in the proposition.

The city of Boston will hold a hearing about the petition on March 15.

h/t nbcconnecticut