Alex Trebek Mocks ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Who Don’t Know A Damn Thing About Football

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

First of all, let me give kudos to anyone who is able to appear on Jeopardy! as I know that’s it’s very difficult to do and it takes you acing a lot of tests. That said, it’s pretty clear that the three Jeopardy! contestants in the video below, while they are smart and know a lot, they probably don’t know a single thing about the game of football.

The three contestants were clearly trying to stay away from the “Football” category as it was left for the end and all the clues remained. And guess what? No one buzzed in once at all. And it was so absurd that even host Alex Trebek decided to roast his own contestants as the crowd laughs along. Those poor nerds at the buzzers.

Check out the video below:

“I can tell you guys are big football fans,” Trebek said. Man, Trebek has no mercy, holy hell.

Well, you can’t blame these folks for not knowing anything about football as they were probably busy learning about things that matter. Then again, it would probably help to know a few things here and there about sports in general. You know, just in case you find yourself on a game show and have to answer questions about it.

h/t NY Post

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