Man Paralyzed From The Waist Down After 20-Hour Video Game Session

Photo: Romona Robbins Photography (Getty)

Even though there are plenty of  video games that people love, I don’t think there’s a video game on the market right now that is worth losing the use of your legs over. Then again, that’s exactly what happened to some poor bloke out in China.

An unidentified gamer was having the time of his life at an internet cafe last week as he had played 20 consecutive hours of a video game. That means 20 hours sitting down without a break. And well, that was enough for this dude to lose sensation from the waist down. As paramedics arrived and carried the gamer out on a stretcher, he reportedly yelled out to his friends and begged them to keep on playing the game for him.

According to QQ, the man started playing the game from the evening of January 27 until his friends called for an ambulance in the afternoon of January 28. And the gamer only realized he couldn’t move when he tried to get up and use the bathroom.

Now chances are this man just has a pinched nerve or something, so while he’s still at the hospital chances are he will be out of there soon and back at the internet cafe for another 20 hours.

While we do not know what video game captured so much of this dude’s attention, one game that is super popular in China is King of Glory. That said, there is nothing that should have you sitting down for 20 straight hours. Well, unless it’s a good show on Netflix.

h/t Daily Mail

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