People Think NASA Cut Their ISS Stream After A Gigantic Golden UFO Came Into View

Photo: leolintang (Getty)

Is it a floating city or a massive golden UFO?

According to the Daily Mail, conspiracy theorists are having a field day with a video that was originally posted to YouTube in August 2016 but is first starting to go viral almost 18 months later.

The reason for the excitement? You guessed it – NASA’s live feed apparently picked up a massive golden object some 200 miles away from the International Space Station hovering over our planet. Of course, just a few seconds after the golden UFO comes into view, the  feed “mysteriously” cuts out.

Watch it for yourself:

Why it has taken so long for conspiracy theorists to get their panties in a bunch and once again make claims that the government is heavily involved in an alien cover-up is anybody’s guess, but they think that the object is hundreds of miles in length and is either a floating city or golden UFO orbiting the planet.

Others aren’t as convinced and say it is simply a “reflection of sunlight through the clouds.”

Personally, I don’t think NASA would have cut the feed just seconds after a reflection of sunlight came into view, and that’s why I will begin drinking heavily for the rest of the day.

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