Comedian Attacked On Stage With Mic, Has Stool Thrown At Him

Photo: Jason Todd (Getty)

I’ve never attempted to do standup comedy in front of an audience, but I know that’s it a tough job so I commend every person who tries it. I know there are nights where those comics don’t make anyone laugh and are sometimes booed or have a stool thrown at them. Wait, what?

Comedian Steve Brown was just doing his thing at the Comedy House in Columbia, South Carolina on Sunday when all of a sudden a man jumped on stage and attacked him. Brown did his best to duck and dive punches, but then the crazed man begin swinging at him with the mic and then decided to throw a stool at him.

The attacker was seated in the front row when he lost all his marbles. Check out the crazy video below posted on Facebook by audience member Tumika LaSha:

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that wasn’t supposed to be part of the show. And can I just add this? Where in the hell was security? Brown had to fend for himself (and did a great job) for quite a while before anyone helped him out.

Brown even took it to Instagram to explained what happened, saying that this attack was unprovoked:

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Brown thankfully wasn’t seriously hurt aside from this gash:

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According to TMZ, the suspect’s first name is Marvin and he was seen drinking at the comedy club. Aside from Brown, four people in the audience were injured and want to press charges. Marvin the idiot also did $400 in damages. One of the people was a security guard who says he got punched in the face before Marvin fled in a car. A security guard? Dude, where the hell were you?

h/t Fox 5

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