High School Basketball Referee Loses Toupee During Game

Photo: greg801 (Getty)

It’s bad enough that a guy is so afraid of being bald that he actually decides to a wear toupee, but it is even worse when said toupee falls off your head in front of a bunch of people. And unfortunately for one guy that is exactly what happened. And hey, now it’s on video for all to see.

The video below was filmed during a Kentucky high school basketball game. Now I don’t know who is playing nor do I know the results of the game since basketball isn’t my sport. The only thing I know is that one of the players threw a terrible pass and the ball hit the ref on the top of the head. And because of that his toupee flew off his head.

Prepare to cringe.

Man, it’s hard not to feel bad for that ref. And kudos to that player for patting the ref in the back as if to say, “hey, don’t worry, it happens.” Well actually, it doesn’t, but I’m glad that kid tried to make the ref better.

In other news, it’s probably best that ref just embrace his baldness so he can avoid another horrifying moment like this one.

h/t Barstool Sports

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