Florida Man Mauled By Bear Does News Interview With Huge Claw Mark On Face

Photo: AwakenedEye (Getty)

Well, at least he can tell people he got his scar while fighting with a bear and it will be the truth.

Let’s all talk about Andrew Meunier. Meunier got the surprise of a lifetime (not a good surprise) when he opened his front door on Tuesday night to let his dogs out only to be confronted by a four-foot bear standing next to him. And well, you know what happened next: Meunier was attacked.

“I came outside and he was right there, and I tried to run but it wasn’t fast enough,” Meunier said. “I’m just happy to be alive it.Ccould’ve been a totally different story.”

Meunier maganed to somehow get away from the bear and enter his apartment again. And he was even up to do a news interview even while sporting a huge gash on his face. Check it out:

This is the first bear attack with injuries that has occurred in South Florida since 1970. Meunier suffered a minor facial laceration from  attack and received 41 stitches.

It seems like this neighborhood has had a bear presence for some time as other residents have spotted bears digging through the trash. Florida Fish and Wildlife says they are looking to place more secure trash bins into neighborhoods in order to prevent animals from getting into them.

Now there isn’t footage of Meunier getting attacked, but let’s just assume it looked something like this:

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