Annoying Commentary Didn’t Stop This Dude From Rescuing Deer Stranded On Frozen Pond

Photo: Lightwriter1949 (Getty)

Leave it to me to take a great video that shows a man rescuing a poor deer only to focus on the annoying lady behind the camera. It was just hard for me to focus on the awesome rescue because of the terrible narrator.

The video below occurred in Austin, Arkansas, and shows a deer chilling on a frozen pond, obviously cold as all hell. But luckily for him some good samaritans strolled on by to help him out. Here’s how the rescued was described on YouTube:

“I was going out to feed farm animals when I saw a large dark spot on the ice in my pond. After getting closer I realized it was a small deer. I called my son and he sent my grandson out to help. He put on his waders and rescued the deer. We made a lean-to out of pallets and put straw and corn in it. Then we put the deer in it. The next morning the deer was gone.”

Now check out the video below:

Am I a terrible person for acknowledging the fact that the lady who continued to talk almost ruined this video for me? No, OK, good. I’m just glad that deer was rescued and he will get to live out the rest of his days trying his best to avoid hunters.

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