Rogue Firework Lands In Guy’s Car And Sets Off 600 Fireworks He Had Inside His Trunk

Photo: Michael Smith/Getty Images

They say you can usually tell how your year is going go based on what happens in the first couple of days, and if that holds true, well, let’s just say one Texas man’s 2018 is going to be a living hell.

According to ABC 13, a bunch of people gathered in a Houston strip mall parking lot to celebrate the new year by lighting off a few fireworks, but that few turned into a few hundred when a rogue firework landed in the trunk of Hurara Hassan’s Dodge Charger and set off the 600 fireworks he had stashed inside.

Luckily for all of us, Jonathan Garza captured the majority of it on his cellphone and shared it with the masses. Enjoy.

The good news for Hassan and everybody in attendance was that nobody was injured or killed during the epic fireworks show. The same can’t be said for his Dodge Charger though, as that thing looks totally fucked.

But will the death of his ride keep Hassan from ever partying with fireworks again? Nope.

“I’ll go do the fireworks again,” he said. “But I’ll make sure the trunk is closed next time.”

Good luck with that, pal.

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