Twitter Is Roasting The Poster For ‘Ready Player One’ Despite Its Technical Accuracy

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

If you’ve not seen the debut trailer for director Steven Spielberg’s latest epic film Ready Player One, don’t fret. We’re not saying this simply because it resembles a higher quality version of the Adam Sandler fiasco known as Pixels which came out two years back, but merely because it won’t have any bearing on your ability to laugh at it. So, without further adieu, let’s take a gander at that poster:

Twitter Roasts Poster For Ready Player One

Just in case nothing immediately jumped out at you, allow another Adam Sandler film to call attention to the feature getting the most attention:

We’d say that’s quite a set of man-gams, but A) those aren’t a thing, and B) it’s really just the one leg. Obviously, people on Twitter didn’t notice the glaring blunder and are just excited for the film for its merits as a potential new sci-fi franchise.

Just kidding, they butchered it:

But all joking aside, one guy put all joking aside and pointed out using precise methods that the poster is perfectly fine and we’re the ones with the issue:

Don’t you hate it when people do that? Oh well. We’ll always have that one Drake album cover. And for some reason, now this is funnier than it’s ever been.

h/t The A.V. Club

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