Hollywood Has A Thing For Cutting Women’s Heads Off On Posters

Photo: IvanMikhaylov (Getty)

Times are changing in Hollywood with the whole #TimesUp initiative, to women getting more and more lead roles. But that’s not to say that Hollywood doesn’t have a ways to go still. And stand-up comic Marcia Belsky took it upon herself to remind everyone that Hollywood has been crapping on women for a hell of a long time.

Belsky dug into the Hollywood posters archives to find a bunch of posters that simply cut off heads of women and forces the spotlight on another part of their body — like their butt or breasts. This task can be seen in various movie posters, TV promotions, ads and more. And there’s more. These headless women are usually leaning out of frame or simply looking away from the camera.

Take a look at some examples below:

And there is plenty more of course. All of these examples simply show that the woman was put on the poster just to reel in the viewer with their looks — forget that they have a brain. Something tells me we won’t be seeing a lot more of these types of posters and ads moving forward.