Here’s A Boxer Who Almost Got His Ear Ripped Off During A Fight

Screenshot: YouTube

Whoa, I had no idea Mike Tyson was still in the ring.

OK, maybe it wasn’t the equivalent to Tyson biting off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear, but what happened to Stephen Smith in the ring Saturday night in Las Vegas was still pretty damn disgusting.

Smith was taking on Francisco Vargas in a super featherweight bout, and all seemed to be going rather well until the ninth round. You see, kids, that’s when Vargas’s head collided with Smith’s left ear, and the damn thing split open like somebody had run a scissors down it or some shit.

Here’s a “better” look at it:

Smith might not have named the champion Saturday night on account of his ear busting open, but the fact that he still had it in his heart to wish everybody a “good Christmas” on Twitter while posting a few pics of his gnarly ear has to make him the people’s champ.

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