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8 Perfect Guy Films Streaming on Netflix

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There’s no doubt that life can get rather complicated and brutally tiresome at times. When you’re able to find a minute or two in your busy schedule, try your best to slink away for a moment and relax with a great film to soothe your working day woes. Or better yet, gather your buddies around the man-cave and watch something that’s guaranteed to be beloved by all. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with spending some time with your dude-pals, right?

Netflix has a load of new titles hitting the streaming service for the new year, with a brilliant mix of some beloved classics, and new originals set to entertain the masses and have you up all night long. (sing it, Lionel). Here are eight films that’s essential viewing for the guys this season. So get to reading and then get to watching!

8 Perfect Guy Films Streaming on Netflix

What are some of your go-to Guy Films? Let us know in the comments below.

Come on now, don’t be shy.

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