Streaming Netflix Films You Should’ve Watched By Now

Photo: The Weinstein Company

We could go on and on for days about what Netflix movies you should binge on, but there is a select few we feel compelled to tell you about, if you haven’t seen them already. While shows like House of Cards and Bloodline are on everyone’s current binge bucket list, these evergreen movies, documentaries and stand-up specials are as essential as a healthy breakfast. Don’t be one of those assholes who skips breakfast; it’s the best meal of the day.

And if you’re one of those people who doesn’t enjoy waffles at night, then you need these Netflix movies now more than ever, starting with the best movie of all time: Turner & Hooch (close your eyes at the end, though). There’s plenty more after that, including everything you want to know about DMT, a good Adam Sandler movie, the most underrated comedies to pass through and the best rock documentary and stand-up special available.

If you haven’t seen these streaming Netflix movies by the next time we see you, lord have mercy on your weak soul. Should you refuse altogether, may the tweets of a thousand Trumps rattle your eyeballs.

Streaming Netflix Films You Should’ve Watched By Now

Enjoy this clip of our favorite pooch, Hooch, enjoying his hooch. That’ll win you over.

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