The Top Nine Underrated Christmas Specials

Christmas is a time for traditions, a sense of continuity between troubled contemporary times and a simpler, wholesome past. It only makes sense that we revisit the same movies and tv specials this time of year, but it doesn’t make sense that we only revisit the same handful over and over and over again.

That’s because for every Grinch and Rudolph and Charlie Brown Christmas special there are dozens that never found a giant audience, or that briefly made a splash but faded into obscurity over time. They are lost children of the Christmas entertainment industry, and they deserve to find a good home.

That’s why we’re taking the time to remind you of some of the best and, lately, seldom-discussed Christmas specials. You probably saw a few of them years ago. Pay them another visit. And if you missed them the first time around, it’s time for to make your introductions.

After all, every Christmas tradition had to start somewhere. Start your next one with our picks for…

The Top Nine Underrated Christmas Specials:

Top Photos: Nickelodeon

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