10 Movies That Could Easily Be Successfully Rebooted As TV Shows

Photo: Warner Bros.

It was only a matter of time before we started talking movies that could successfully be rebooted as TV shows, especially with so many of them underway already. Although we’ve seen some terrible movie reboot ideas come to fruition on the small screen (Rush Hour, Lethal Weapon and Scream), we’re not above the idea of these 10 movies getting the living room binge treatment. If it gets Dan Aykroyd to quit yapping about paranormal investigations or gets Bruce Willis back on top, why the hell not?

Although we think the rumored reboot of our favorite pet detective, Ace Ventura, is a cardinal sin, we do think reprising some of these movies in an extended format could be beneficial to our cringeworthy binge lives. For instance, wouldn’t you like to see The Godfather drug out into a long form like The Sopranos? Wouldn’t you love to see some ghostbusting on a more routine basis?

Have a look at these 10 movies that could easily be successfully rebooted as TV shows and tell us we’re not right. Seriously, we’re tired of being right!

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