Meme VS. Meme: Evil Kermit VS. ‘But That’s None Of My Business’

Photo: Paul Zimmerman (Getty).

There is a lot of injustice in the world. There are also plenty of folks who don’t really know what that means, so they complain about little things on the internet using everyone’s favorite platform — memes! Since no one can stand hearing an argument go unopposed, most of the time memes that are against something or cast a certain behavior in a negative light have their fair share of detractors (also in meme form, of course).

Of course, this week’s matchup is a little different than the ones we’ve done so far. Previous examples focused on the right and wrong side of debates ranging from “does candy corn suck?” to “pineapple on pizza — yay or nay?” However, since Kermit the Frog is kind of a meme celeb these days, we went ahead and pit him against himself — much like the Evil Kermit meme already does. Only in this case, we’re looking to settle which meme is conducive to better jokes. Or, to simplify it even more, is it funnier to look the other way or internally debate your dark side? May the better meme win.

Evil Kermit VS. “But That’s None Of My Business”

Well, that was a no-brainer. “But That’s None of My Business” memes are basically just the modern day version of tacking the Seinfeld catchphrase, “That’s a shame” onto an observation. Also, they tend to lean a lot more serious/offensive/racist as you really dig into them in search. However, Evil Kermit not only delivers consistent laughs, but as you’ve now seen, has evolved nicely with time, often branching out to two evil Kermits (or completely new characters/animals) for an added punch. Sounds like the clear-cut winner to us…

…but that’s none of our business.

If you pour your milk before your cereal, however, we’ll make it our business.