Chicago Bears Tight End Zach Miller Nearly Loses Leg Over Touchdown Officials Overturned

Photo: Wesley Hitt (Getty).

You don’t have to be a football fan (or a sports fan for that matter) to be at least morbidly intrigued by gruesome sports injuries. They’re so bad they’re…well, bad, but you still have to see if you can stomach them or not.

Such is most definitely the case in the matter of Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller during the third quarter of yesterday’s loss to the New Orleans Saints. Fair warning: this is pretty gross. Those who are squeamish need to turn tail now (or at the very least, skip ahead):

Chicago Bears Tight End Zach Miller Nearly Loses Leg Over Overruled Touchdown Catch

The real kicker (too soon?) is that Miller had just caught a 25-yard pass in the end zone which should have put the Bears within striking distance of a victory (they would up losing 20-12). But for reasons beyond anyone’s understanding, the touchdown was called back. OK, referee Carl Cheffers had an explanation, but we’ll wait to exclaim our rebuttal until after:

When he goes to the ground, he has to survive the ground. He went to the ground, and he temporarily lost control of the ball. The ball hit the ground. Therefore, it’s incomplete.

Further inspection of the play shows Miller going all the way to the ground in possession of the ball, only throwing it down after the play is complete. Considering he’d just sustained such a nasty dislocation of his left knee that it required emergency surgery to prevent amputation, this maybe have been the worst case of adding insult to injury of all time.

Needless to say, Bears and non-Bears fans alike were in agreement on Twitter that the call was complete bunk:

Who knows whether Miller will be able to return to football once his wound heals, but at least with such unanimous support, he’d make a real catch as a potential commentator.

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