Ten Amazing Horror Sequels That Almost Got Made

Never let anyone tell you that the horror genre is dead. Hollywood practically runs on horror movies. These films are cheap to produce, yield enormous profits, and spawn lucrative franchises that can last for decades if you put even the tiniest amount of effort into making them novel.

“Novelty” really is the key word here. Horror movies have to stay somewhat fresh in order to be scary, or at the very least entertaining, so most horror movie franchises have at least one or two gonzo installments that send the villains to space, or make them fight another classic horror bad guy, or travel through time, just because it seemed like a fun idea at the time.

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And yet, even in a world where Jason XLeprechaun in the Hood and Seed of Chucky can get made, not everything sequel makes it to theaters. Some ideas are too expensive, some are too damned crazy, and some run afoul of producers and actors who just plain don’t like the idea. But thanks to zealous horror fans and industry pundits, the news of these projects get out anyway, and even though we’ll probably never see the actual films we can still at least dream a little dream about them.

This Halloween, put aside all your DVDs and use your imagination. Let’s take a look at Ten Amazing Horror Sequels That Almost Got Made and wonder if they would have been “good amazing”, “bad amazing”, or somewhere in between.

Ten Amazing Horror Sequels That Almost Got Made:

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