Here’s A 10-Year-Old Boy Leading Police On A High Speed Chase

Photo: Satilda (Getty)

When I was 10-years-old I was trying to figure out how to talk to girls without coming across like a complete ass — I was not leading police on high speed chases like the boy in this story.

A 10-year-old Cleveland boy was caught on dashcam leading police on a high speed chase that lasted for about an hour before he is stopped. It all kicked off when the boy took the car belonging to his mother’s boyfriend and took off. His mother tried to chase him down in another car, but the boy got away, prompting the mother to call 911.

“Oh my [expletive] god,” the mother said during a 911 call. “My son’s going to kill himself before you guys get here.”

Check out the crazy video below.

Here’s A 10-Year-Old Boy Leading Police On A High Speed Chase

So as you can tell, this little shit was finally pulled over before causing harm to himself or anyone else. But guess what? This wasn’t this kid’s first joyride as earlier this month he stole his dad’s car and took it out for a spin.

And while the boy stole a car and, according to police, kicked and spat at them while they were trying to apprehend him, there is no word yet if he will be charged with a crime.

My prediction? He ends up on Beyond Scared Straight.

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