Xbox One X Unboxing: Here’s What You’ll Be Getting at Launch

Assuming you’ll be picking up the Xbox One X at launch, which due to being the new “most powerful console,” I imagine many of you are, you’ll likely want to know what goodies can be found in the retail box.

Microsoft has sent select outlets a retail sample for review. Digital Foundry is one such outlet, and they have put together a comprehensive unboxing and overview of the standard edition Xbox One X.

Here’s the full contents of the retail version:

  • Xbox One X console
  • Xbox One Controller (Batteries included!)
  • HDMI cable (High quality)
  • Power Cable (Internal power supply)
  • Xbox Game Pass
  • Leaflets

You can watch the full unboxing below:

In the video, Digital Foundry also compares the size of the Xbox One X, Xbox One S and original Xbox One. The PS4 Pro is also whipped out for a quick Sony versus Microsoft flagship console size showdown.

As for how powerful the Xbox One X proves to be, we’ll have to wait for the review embargo to lift. I imagine many are waiting to see just how better a performer the Xbox One X is, when compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The Xbox One X is set to launch on November 7.