Off-Duty Cop Goes Bonkers After She’s Told Chocolate Shop Is Closed

Photo: Janine Lamontagne (Getty)

Maybe she needed the golden ticket?

I’m not a fan of chocolate, but I know tons of people are — so much so they would probably hurt someone simply to get their hands on some. One of those people? Amanda Villafane, a police officer with the NYPD. Villafane was recently caught on camera throwing a huge tantrum inside a Connecticut Godiva store when she was told to leave because the store was closed.

Well, Villafane wasn’t happy to hear that, commenting that the door was still open. But when she’s still asked to leave the 30-year-old gets violent, saying, “No, I will knock you the f–k out!”

Check out the crazy video below.

Oh, but there’s more. Her boyfriend, Christopher Salvadore, first is trying to defuse the situation, but according to the person who filmed the video, Ralph Jimenez, Salvadore punches him when he sees he is taking video.

Police arrived soon and Sgt Brian Butler says that they had trouble getting Villafane to chill:

“When they went to arrest her she didn’t want to cooperate so they had to take her to the ground and cuff her,” Butler said.

Photo: NYPD

Villafane is charged with trespassing, criminal mischief, threatening, disorderly conduct and interfering with an officer. Salvadore also faces several charges, including assault, according to Butler. Oh, she’s also been suspended without pay.

RIP career.

h/t Daily Mail

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