Super Mario Odyssey: What You Need To Know

Everything You Need To Know About Super Mario Odyssey

On October 27th, Nintendo’s popular franchise will release its newest installment, Super Mario Odyssey, on the Nintendo Switch.

For a beloved gaming franchise that’s been around since the 1980’s – and still going strong – developers knew they needed to introduce a new, fresh element to the classic Mario narrative. In Super Mario Odyssey, the minds behind the latest addition are introducing Cappy into the gaming universe.

According to GameSpot, Mario’s newest sidekick, in the form of the lovable plumber’s hat, can be used to hurl at objects and enemies to “temporarily possess them and use their unique abilities.”

If Mario’s new buddy isn’t enough to pique your interest, the rest of the features certainly will be.

Features and Early Reviews

Nintendo Switch’s 3D-style addition to the Mario universe offers a familiar experience to long-time fans while also showcasing a unique look and adventure for gamers with something for everyone to enjoy. Super Mario Odyssey is focused on allowing players to explore multiple environments that are open to a variety of gameplay opportunities.

The vibrant and creative aesthetic of Super Mario Odyssey effortlessly pulls you into the open-ended journey. The options a sidekick like Cappy offers makes the ride all the more adventurous. The ability to possess enemies expands the tasks to perform in each new environment, allowing for endless possibilities as you navigate through each kingdom.

The adventure itself centers around collecting Moons (which exist in the main campaign, side-quests, enemies’ abilities, or simply hidden) in order to power up Mario’s airship, aka, the Odyssey, and, of course, rescuing Princess Peach from the infamous Bowser.

Super Mario Odyssey is a callback to the “sandbox style” of gameplay, complete with one of the strongest comedic elements in a Mario game. It is emphasized that gamers will love the ability to explore each world’s hidden gems as much as they will love completing the quests throughout the story.

Players will be able to visit locations such as Cap Kingdom, Luncheon, and Seaside Kingdom. Each offers their own distinct terrain and minigames. The game also provides a fun Photo Mode that allows players to take screenshots, filters and all.

Another great feature, is the ability to use Mario’s enemies in the game to “mess with the core experience.” Discovering, for example, how to utilize the Seaside Kingdom squid to essentially fly is just one way players will realize the full potential of fun, hidden secrets within the game.

Classic Mario

For fans hoping to get a feel of some old school Mario gameplay, you’re in luck as well. Super Mario Odyssey contains an 8-bit section within the Seaside Kingdom, as well as 2D platforming challenges in the game.

In honor of Super Mario Odyssey’s release, Nintendo Switch will be offering a bundle featuring the game, system, carrying case, and red Joy-Cons, priced at $380 according to GameSpot. The bundle is set to release the same day as the game on October 27th.