We’ve All Been This Poor Kid Whose Homework Gets Blown Away By The Wind

Photo: TanyaRu (Getty)

Life on a school bus for a kid of any age can be quite the bitch.

I for one had the “pleasure” of Mike Pum and Eric Coggon giving me wet willies for pretty much the entire first semester of eighth grade. I also had a senior baseball player put one of his pubes in my right ear on the way to my first ever varsity baseball game. Good times.

Well, as the video below will show you, getting off the bus can also make for an atrocious day, as this poor fucker recently learned the hard way. Whether he was trying to be a jokester for the girls on the bus or just simply couldn’t put one foot in front of the other, he wound up on the ground next to his backpack.

That was an unfortunate position for his backpack on this day, as a stiff breeze kicked up that immediately sent his homework into his neighbor’s yard and beyond.

Now, the original video found on Barstool Sports was less enjoyable because the girl taking the video from the bus had a laugh from hell. Thankfully, somebody threw the clip on YouTube accompanied by “Yakety Sax,” a song that makes everything it is playing over better. Well, except for sex, of course.

We’ve All Been This Poor Kid Whose Homework Gets Blown Away By The Wind

Don’t worry, kid. It happens to all of us. At the very least, the video will serve as Exhibit A that you aren’t lying to your teacher about why you can’t turn in your homework.

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