Woman Tries To Evade Police By Hiding In Fruits And Vegetables Aisle At Supermarket

Screenshot: YouTube

The majority of people avoid the fruits and vegetables aisle because junk food rules all, so it makes sense this is where she chose to hide.

A YouTube user named Emmanuel Gabriel Scott recently shared a video that shows a security guard trying his best to remove a woman from the supermarket after she tried to evade cops by hiding in a fruits and vegs display. This incident occurred at a Kroger’s supermarket at an unknown location.

Here’s how Scott describes the situation on YouTube.

I just witnessed a woman slap two random people in Kroger for no apparent reason. When approached by the Loss Prevention department, she immediately start to scream “rape and abuse.” When the police was called, she runs to jump in the fresh produce and begins to bathe.

Yes, she “begins to bathe.” Stay off drugs, kids, and check out the bizarre scene below.

No word on what happened to this woman afterwards, but let’s just hope that this was the final wakeup call she needed to finally get off drugs. Let’s also hope that all that produce was thrown out. Let’s seriously hope and pray they did that.

h/t Daily Star

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