Just A Giant Crocodile In Front Of A Malaysian Store, No Big Deal

Screenshot: YouTube

I’ve never been to Malaysia, but I really hope that finding giant crocodiles in front of a store isn’t the norm, because that means I would never go shopping there. Ever.

Residents got the scare of a lifetime when a massive crocodile decided to make its way to a store in the town of Limbang where he chilled out in front of it. Video below shows firefighters trying desperately to capture the croc in order to get it the hell out of there.

It took about an hour to get the croc out of there. Check out the crazy video below.

The person behind the camera explains on YouTube that they believe the crocodile used the high tide to make its way up a flooded drain leading to the Limbang River where he eventually ended up at the parking lot and couldn’t find his way back.

“The big crocodile were taken on the truck and after discussions with forestry department, it was then released back to Ulu Pandaruan river. The boundary of Pandaruan river believed the most populated of crocodile colony,” the filmer explained.

I think this comment on YouTube describes how we all feel about this video.

Screengrab: YouTube

Screengrab: YouTube

Well, at least that store now has a new idea for a mascot. Hey, you have to look at the bright side of things.

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