Just An Alabama Weatherman Ripping A Juicy Fart On Live TV

Screenshot: YouTube

As the floodwaters in Texas from Hurricane Harvey begin to subside, there is a new storm on the horizon that has the state of Florida and much of the Gulf Coast on edge thanks to the 185 m.p.h. winds that it’s packing. In fact, Florida Governor Rick Scott has already declared a state of emergency for his state ahead of Hurricane Irma, and officials in the Florida Keys will begin ordering mandatory evacuations sometime later today.

But based on this video of WPMI Chief Meteorologist Chris Dunn, the people who call Tampa home should be the ones making preparations for a shitstorm of biblical proportions. Just where is the eye of that storm located? You guessed it: Dunn’s asshole.

Watch as the Mobile, Alabama weatherman takes a break from dropping the high temperatures in various cities throughout Florida and Alabama to drop some major ass.

You know, I’ve done my share of passing gas in my day, enough so that I would have no problem labeling myself as a “fart expert.” And in my “professional” opinion, it sure seems as though Dunn could have waited another minute or so for the technical director to cut back to the anchors at the news desk before ripping ass. I mean, that seemed to take quite a bit of effort to free that fart, something that you’d only expect if it was sweeps week.

Of course, based on the amount of force behind Dunn’s blast of ass here, our advice for the Tampa area is to throw two sheets of plywood up on the windows this time around.

h/t BroBible

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