Exclusive Preview | ‘Turn: Washington’s Spies’ Season 4 Episode 9

The endgame has arrived for Turn: Washington’s Spies! Only two episodes remain of AMC’s American Revolutionary war drama, and a nation is about to be born. But first, accounts must be settled on the battlefield as the final secrets emerge.

In last week’s episode, Abraham Woodhull finally received his chance to get his revenge upon John Graves Simcoe for the death of Abe’s father. At the same time, Abe realized that Benedict Arnold has unknowingly given him extremely valuable information about the British forces that could spell their defeat at Yorktown. However, Abe’s attempts to sneak away from Arnold’s camps met a few complications and he had a final confrontation with Simcoe that left his foe clinging to life. But when faced with a choice between getting his final revenge on Simcoe or passing on the intelligence to Washington, Abe picked his country over himself. Yet in the closing seconds of the episode, Abe’s claims that he is the head of the Culper Ring were doubted by the rebels and he was held a spy.

For CraveOnline’s exclusive preview of this weekend’s episode of Turn: Washington’s Spies, Caleb reunites with Abe and the stage is set for a game-changing moment at Yorktown.

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Here’s AMC’s description for the episode.

“After receiving Abe’s intel, Washington heads south to lay siege on Yorktown; Abe volunteers for the Continental Army; and Peggy goes into labor.”

The penultimate episode of Turn: Washington’s Spies premieres on Saturday, August 5th at 9pm ET/PT on AMC.

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Photo Credit: AMC