7 Video Games The Nerd World Desperately Needs

Victory in the game. Photo: cipella (Getty).

In the day and age of nerd culture taking over the entertainment world, our cups have nearly runneth over. Nearly. Yes, while we dorks are finally getting to see bingeworthy television universes, graphic novels come to life, and the hero team-up movies we’ve always dreamed of, we’re still left with an itch to scratch. What’s the solution? Sweet, sweet virtual immersion. Yes, video games are the answer to any nerd who’s wanted to escape into his world with a more hands-on approach. And sure, we’ve been gifted some great nerd culture games already, but we think there’s a few that haven’t quite been nailed on the head just yet, in a while, or ever!

So what do you say, fellow nerds? Are there any games we’re missing? For that matter, do you disagree with any of our choices? I mean, you’re wrong, but we still want to know your thoughts.

And if none of these end up working out, at least we’ll always have the old tried and true N64: Ranking the 10 Best Nintendo 64 Games That Will Have You Searching For Your Dusty Controllers Nearly 20 Years Later


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