Watch This Russian Reporter Get Punched In The Face On Live TV

Screenshot: YouTube

Russia continues to be one of the most bizarre, developed countries in the world. You have to worry about people jumping out in front of cars (and trains), friends breaking each others legs, and now you can’t even be a reporter praising the nation’s military.

Case in point? This Russian reporter that just got punched in the face doing a live report.

Watch This Russian Reporter Get Punched In The Face On Live TV

The video’s description alleges that the reporter’s name is Nikita Razvozzhayev, a correspondent for the pro-Kremlin NTV television channel. It also alleges that the man who punched him was a paratrooper who was swearing heavily, saying “We’ll take Ukraine.”

Once the reporter asked him to be quiet, boom!

According to one Youtube user, this is the alleged translation:

Reporter talks about holiday, then drunk guy appears and say “Its my country, suka blyat, we will conquer Ukraine, blyat” . Then reporter asks him to shut up (please), and here comes the punch. After the puch drunk dude says “If you will talk to me like that I`ll kick your ass (he is swearing harder actually)

Of course it’s common to see the production of fake videos in hopes for a few bucks or 15 minutes of fame. But all of this looks incredibly real. And even if it’s not, the punch sure was.

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Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports and a contributor for Mandatory.