Drunk Dude Thinks Bridge Railing Is An ATM

Screenshot: YouTube

Look, I’m going to start this puppy off by saying that when it comes to getting hammered and doing stupid shit, I’m the king of it.

I mean, I’ve pissed in my buddy’s fridge, pissed on another one my buddies who was sleeping in the same hotel room, pissed on a girl in college who actually liked me before that, called my mom a bitch, put money down on the Browns, eaten 4o Chicken McNuggets in less than 20 minutes and of course, booty-called my professor.

But there are two parts about the video of this Scottish dude on the Ness Bridge in Inverness that might trump all of my shitdickery. For starters, he thinks that the fence or railing along the bridge is an ATM, so he’s trying to insert his card into what he thinks is the right slot in hopes of getting some cash in return. And second, it’s in the middle of the afternoon.

Drunk Dude Thinks Bridge Railing Is An ATM

“That’s not a bank machine, it’s a fence,” not-drunk dude Doug Wood tells the poor bastard.

The dude then picked up his ATM card and walked away. No word if he ever made it to a real ATM or if he just decided to go back to his pal’s house and piss in his fridge.

h/t Mirror

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