It’s Official: Drunk Dudes Are More Likely To Check Out Women’s Bodies

Alcohol. Photo: vadimguzhva (Getty).

It’s happened time and time again. You’re out at the bar, having all types of drinks with your buddies egging you on to throw back another. You start to get that warm feeling and you’re ready to have a good time.

The next thing you know, you spot a good-looking girl at the bar and start doing a head-to-toe drunken analysis of every part of her body as a means to gauge her hotness. If you weren’t so drunk, she probably wouldn’t notice you staring at her chest because you’d be sober enough not to do that. It’s been assumed that, as guys, we check out women’s bodies — sometimes entirely skipping their faces — when we’ve had a few too many. Now science has confirmed it.

Drunk Dudes Are More Likely To Check Out Women’s Bodies

According to a study done at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, researchers discovered that guys who had too much to drink are focusing on the lower areas of a woman’s frame before taking a gander at her face. The results, published in Sex Roles, were brought on using eye-tracking equipment that caught dudes checking out boobs and butts over smiles and eyes.

Researchers took a group of 49 college-aged men and got some of them shit-faced. The drunk guys drank orange juice mixed with grain alcohol, while others consumed a placebo that smelled and tasted like alcohol but didn’t have enough in it to get tanked like the OJ drinkers.

The group of men were exposed to 80 women who were dressed like they were ready to go out on the town. What researchers found was the men who got blasted on OJ were spending more time checking out women’s body parts. At least, way more than the guys who were limited to the placebo. In addition to that, when women weren’t viewed as intelligent or friendly by the drunken subjects, the guys were less inclined to look at their faces.

“We need to be clear,” said lead author of the study Abbey Riemer, explaining that this didn’t come as a result of the women’s actions, “this is all happening in men’s minds.”

So there you have it, guys. If you’re drunk, you’re doing more looking down than making eye contact. Now that you know, don’t be surprised when she tells you, “My eyes are up here.”

h/t Men’s Fitness

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