These Are the Best TV Pilots We’ve Seen

Photo: AMC

How we watch TV has changed a lot of the years, but one that hasn’t changed is the excitement around seeing some of the best pilots fly by. While some take off and soar miraculously like Tom Hanks in a spacecraft, hoping to make a smooth landing, some just explode moments after they lift off the runway. Comforting thought, no?

We’ve seen many a TV pilot in our day, but when you break it down, there have only been a couple handfuls that have really blown our doors off. From pre-high def shows The Sopranos and The West Wing to some of our favorite comedies, there are some real trailblazers that paved their own way through the small screen, while others who stuck to a safe formula have come and gone like the Grandfathered shows of today, or pretty much anything else on Fox.

Now sit back and read up on some of the best pilots in TV history, some of which went from terrific to terrible in the blink of an eye, while others glided like eagles in the sky. Did we get enough airplane references in for these pilots? Cockpit.

These Are the Best TV Pilots We’ve Seen

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