Here’s A Dude Walking Around Scotland With A Seagull On His Head

Screenshot: NewsFlare

I guess it’s better than walking down the street with one sticking out of your ass.

According to UPI, a driving instructor in Scotland was in the middle of a lesson Friday morning when he spotted something odd along the side of the road.

That something? You guessed it: A man walking on the sidewalk with a seagull on top of his head.

Luckily for all of us, the car’s dash cam captured the strange sighting as well.

The driving lesson took place in the streets of Musselburgh, and apparently a dude with a seagull on his head casually walking down the street while the bird flaps its wings isn’t normal over there either.

“While teaching an early morning driving lesson in Musselburgh we noticed a man walking with a seagull on his head,” the guy who posted the video said. “The car dashcam caught him as we passed. What do you call a man with a sea gull on his head? Cliff! Would be funny if that was his name?”

Well, it wouldn’t be that funny, but it would still be funnier than an episode of Franklin & Bash.

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