PS Plus Prices Are Increasing Significantly in the UK

Sony’s PS Plus service is set to receive a relatively significant price increase in the UK, with an annual subscription now costing £10 more in the region.

The service, which allows PS4, PS3 and PS Vita owners to play their games online along with taking advantage of PS Plus discounts and “free” games, will see its annual price bumped up from £39.99 to £49.99. Additionally, a quarterly subscription will rise from £14.99 to £19.99, costing an extra £20, while those who pay for their subscription on a monthly basis will be charged £6.99 instead of £5.99.

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These prices are locked until 0.01am August 31, so if you’re a PS Plus subscriber who doesn’t fancy forking out an extra £10 for an annual subscription, then you can pay for a year of the service prior to this date and not have to worry about paying extra for another year. Still, this is a pretty significant jump for PlayStation owners, and it hasn’t exactly been met with welcome arms.


Until Dawn was one of the monthly games offered to PS Plus subscribers.

Though Sony offered no official explanation as to why its PS Plus prices are increasing, Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad tweeted that “costs of running the service are always increasing,” but that Sony are also raising subscription costs because “they can get away with it.”

While PS Plus does offer some reasonable value for money, with the service now starting to churn out some good deals on popular PS4 games, no one likes to hear that they’re being asked to pay more for the same service. With many disappointed that Sony opted to make a PS Plus subscription a requirement for online multiplayer in the first place, this move will no doubt have its fair share of detractors, even if it’s unlikely that it will have any notable impact on the number of PS Plus subscribers.