‘Planet Earth’ Producer Fergus Beeley Filmed Calling Woman “Old S**t” in Road Rage Video

Former BBC producer Fergus Beeley, best known for working on popular Sir David Attenborough documentaries such as Planet Earth – The Future, The Life of Birds and BBC Natural World, has been filmed telling a family that they will “die” and calling a woman an “old s**t” in an incredible road rage video.

Beeley, who last worked with the BBC in 2006 and was not affiliated with the recent Planet Earth II series, was recorded attempting to place an entire family under a citizen’s arrest while shouting expletives of them, telling them that he wanted them “dead” following a collision near the M27 in Hampshire.

Despite Beeley reportedly not being involved in the incident, he decided to confront the two women, a man and a 14-year-old boy who had, calling them “w**kers” and trying to force the man’s hands onto the roof of the car while attempting to arrest him. The end result is a viral video recorded by driver Louise Small, with it being widely shared on Twitter.

Watch it below:

Below is another angle of the confrontation:

According to Ms Small, she believes that the other car involved in the collision belonged to Mr Beeley’s wife. Speaking to the BBC, Ms Small said: “He opened the passenger side door and he just flipped – he was just so crazy — he just ranted at my mum. I stayed in the car in case he tried to grab my son.”

Simon Gale, who is shown in the video being confronted by Mr Beeley, said of the incident (via The Independent): “It was quite a scary thing. He flew into an absolutely raving state. When he got out of the car he demanded: ‘Do you know who I am?’ and when I said I didn’t he grabbed me and pushed me against the car.”

Mr Beeley reportedly stated that he had reacted angrily “because people nearly lost their lives on the motorway”.