John Terry Lifts His First Trophy for Aston Villa… But it Cost Just £15

John Terry has lifted his first trophy since signing with Aston Villa, though the bizarre award has an unfortunate secret… it only cost £15.

Terry is no stranger to inadvertently embarrassing himself during otherwise celebratory moments. After Chelsea won the Champions League in 2012, he ran to the rest of the squad from the sidelines — he was suspended at the time — and ripped off his clothes to reveal that he was wearing his full kit underneath. Despite not having contributed to Chelsea’s victory against Bayern Munich, Terry placed himself at the front and centre of the celebration, with most of the photos depicting him lifting the trophy. Then in his final match with Chelsea, Terry requested that Southampton kick the ball out in the 26th minute so that his substitution would match the number on his shirt, with his teammates then taking part in a mid-game Guard of Honour.

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While this latest awkward moment isn’t exactly Terry’s fault, it’s still an unfortunate incident that the former England international probably won’t be too happy about. After he won the “Cup of Traditions” alongside his new Aston Villa teammates during their 2-0 victory against Hertha Berlin in Germany this weekend, fans began pointing out just how hideous the competition’s trophy looked. Depicting a 3D footballer bursting from out of a football and lined with gold glitter, it was quickly established that the trophy can actually be bought online for an incredibly reasonable price — a meagre £15.


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But that’s not all. As the photos of Terry holding the trophy began to spread online, others started sharing photos of school football teams picking up the award, with it being apparent that the “Xplode 3D Male Football Trophy” is widely used for children’s football tournaments.

We’re not sure that Terry will be adding this particular trophy to his cabinet, and he’ll likely be hoping that he can add to the “Cup of Traditions” this season as his debut League One run for Villa gets underway in August.

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