Comic-Con 2017 | The 12 Superhero Movie Announcements We Need

We are experiencing a disturbance in the Comic-Con, the biggest pop culture gathering in the whole danged world. For the better part of a decade, Comic-Con has been one of the biggest stops on any studio’s publicity tour, as they desperately tried to build the buzz for their genre movies and make banner headlines with their massive franchise announcements.

But what goes up must come down, and this year you’ll find that most of the movie studios are steering clear of Comic-Con altogether. It’s a great place to build and cater to existing fanbases, particularly in television, but upcoming movies are a crapshoot, and fans have been burned plenty of times by promising Comic-Con presentations.

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So only a couple of major studios have presentations this year, but for superhero fans, they’re the three biggest. 20th Century Fox has a panel on Thursday, July 20, which only specifically promises Kingsman footage, but they might slip some bigger news in there too. Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios both have huge plans for Hall H on Saturday, July 22, and surely some exciting announcements will emerge from those presentations as well.

What, exactly, we will see from these panels? What do these studios need to show us in order to keep us salivating for the future of their franchises? Let’s take a look at the twelve superhero movie announcements fans need to make Comic-Con 2017 seem like it was worth the trouble!


The 12 Superhero Movie Announcements We Need from Comic-Con 2017:

Top Photo: 20th Century Fox

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