Exclusive Preview | ‘Superman’ # 27

One of the big changes out of DC Rebirth is that Superman is once again a family man. Blame it on the Watchmen or Flashpoint, but either way, this Man of Steel never dated Wonder Woman. Instead, he’s been married to Lois Lane for years, and together they’re raising their son, Jonathan Kent, to be the next Superboy.

Given Kal-El’s God-like powers under Earth’s yellow sun, you’d expect the Last Son of Krypton to take everything in stride. But as you can see in CraveOnline’s exclusive preview of Superman #27, even Clark Kent has his limits when it comes to how many days he can go without sleep or seeing his family. The Man of Steel badly needs some time off, and that’s what he’s gonna get…whether he likes it or not!

Superman 27 page 1Superman 27 page 2Superman 27 page 3Superman 27 page 4Superman 27 page 5Superman 27 coverSuperman 27 open order variant cover

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This issue was written by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason , with art by Scott Godlewski, and colors by Gabe Eltaeb. Lee Weeks provided the primary cover while Jorge Jimenez drew the open order variant cover for this issue. Here’s the official description from DC Comics:

“ROAD TRIP! As the Kents’ family road trip takes some strange and unexpected turns that will reveal a foreboding threat reaching out to touch their lives, you can bet that their gonna need a vacation after their vacation!”

Superman # 27 will be released this Wednesday, July 19, in comic stores everywhere.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by DC Comics