World’s Biggest And Baddest Super Soaker Will End You

Super Soakers are the devices of our childhood that allowed for fully engaged backyard combat while at the same time providing cool relief from summer heat.

But then, we’re all forced to grow up. Some of us get boring corporate jobs, and others do incredibly important things like writing about drunk Instagram models and their run-ins with police.

Then again, there are guys who, in their adult lives, draw from their adolescence and deserve a round of applause. For instance, this guy and his massive Super Soaker that looks like it belongs on a tank.

World’s Biggest Super Soaker Will End You

Mark Rober, a YouTuber who is also an engineer, made something that 10-year-old me — and, yeah, adult me — would love to have. It’s the world’s biggest Super Soaker, and its power is truly something to behold.

As seen in the video, this thing has the capability to destroy foes with the ferocity of any military man of moisture. Glass, fruit, hot dogs — anything you eat, this thing can probably slice right through it.

According to Mark, the massive blaster works on the same exact principles as its much smaller version from our youth. It’s just, you know, bigger.

What might be the most impressive thing about this cannon is that its pressure is eight times greater than that of a hose on a fire truck. So when you’re not dominating your friends in an all-out water war, you can put some fires out and save some lives, I guess.

h/t Motherboard

Kudos to Mark for this. It’s pretty clear he’s making things we all need, like that one time he made the world’s nicest car horn. Keep it up, man.