Best Exercise Equipment To Have In Your Home

Photo: Noel Hendrickson(Getty Images)

Being fit is a valuable goal without any doubt, but the primary place where you’re supposed to get it isn’t pleasant at all for most people. We’re talking about the gym, of course. It is one of the main reasons why so many people skip on their workouts or postpone getting into shape, and that’s exactly why every home needs to have the best exercise equipment. At least the essentials with which you can work in the living room.

So forget about the army of douche bro boys, forget about waiting in line for a machine, forget about stressing whether someone will take your spot, forget about worrying whether you’ll get some skin rash because people are sloppy. Get fit at your home with the best exercise equipment that isn’t even that pricey at all.

Best Home Exercise Equipment


The mother of all home gym equipment, it really is a must-have for every home, as even if you don’t want to get ripped like a Greek god or big like Bane, you’ll still want to be in some shape. Dumbells are great because you can do so many exercises with them – biceps, shoulders, back, triceps, traps, even legs! Go for the plated dumbbells as they offer a little more flexibility in choosing the weight, which is perhaps the biggest con of working out at home.

Pull Up Bar

No exercise equipment for home needs list can begin, let alone end, without the pull-up bar. Most guys skip these essential piece of equpment around the gym because it is too hard – but there is a reason for that, it’s because it works. This is the best home gym tool if you want to get ripped and strong. Don’t go for the one that you put on the door stock, but the kind that goes into the wall and is more than just a straight bar so you can diversify your workouts.


Kettlebells burst onto the scene somewhat recently and now every gym has to have them. They might seem similar to dumbells, and they are, you can do similar workouts with both of them. But you get to do some exercises with kettlebells that aren’t practical with dumbbells. With this piece of exercise equipment for home you’ll be doing swinging motions mostly, and a kettlebell is a great tool for building your legs. Because of these two aspects of it, choose a heavier option, something that will be a challenge for you, and definitely something with a wide enough grip area so you can hold it with both hands.

Jump Rope

You need some more basic light equipment to go with your hardware! Being conditioned is perhaps even more important for day to day activities than being ripped and strong. While sprinting is a great cardio exercise for shedding those extra pounds, some days you won’t be able to go outside the house because of rain, snow or high temperatures. Jumping rope is a great alternative to break out the boredness of these repetitive workouts, and you’ll feel like a combat athlete while exercising it.

Ab Roller

Ab roller might seem like a piece of trendy, but useless trendy equipment to an untrained person, but is actuall one of the best home gym tools you can have. Having a strong core is perhaps the most valuable muscle trait from the standpoint of health, but doing all those same sit-up exercises can become boring. An ab roller brings a different dynamic, and while working out your ab it will also strecth them properly, which most people forget to do after repping out sit ups. Don’t go cheap with this one as it will hold your weight in a way, but it is a good investement as it will fire up your mid section!

What other best exercise equipment every home needs to have? 

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