DESTINY 2: What We Want From Destiny’s Child

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Well, it looks like Destiny 2, the sophomore attempt in the new series from Bungie and Activision, is fast approaching. September 6th is right around the corner, after all. Yeah yeah, haters, we know what you’re saying: “People still play that game?” (well, maybe not the recast Peter Dinklage). But some still do! It turns out the studio who created Halo had some pretty big shoes to fill for their next big game: their own. There have been some major growing pains with the first Destiny. However, in true fighting spirit, Bungie has serviced it into a reasonable game for it’s loyal fans, and aims to bring them (and a new audience) the sequel they deserve. Plainly, Destiny is a survivor. It’s not gon’ give up. It’s not gon’ stop. It’s gon’ work harder. Destiny 2 even appears to be building off the first game and addressing key issues from it, like a cinematic story, weapon system shakeups, and of course, better matchmaking for those Raids people keep talking about. So, fellow Guardians, with the Beta drawing near and in the spirit of making the game even better, below is a honey-do list on more features we’d love to see in the highly anticipated sequel.

Destiny 2: What We Want From Destiny’s Child

1. Let’s talk Classes

destiny 2 want list

Photo: Bungie/Activision

OK, so a new class is probably a big ask. We know. Even a new subclass is a stretch. But as someone who had a tough time picking one at the game’s start, I wondered, “What if in the glorious land of choose your own path customizability, there was something known as Hybrid Classes?” This could help for players who don’t have as much time to put into the game, and they can play as all three of the class types and see what each has to offer. We’re not saying you shouldn’t try each class, we’re merely asking to share the wealth a bit. For example, if you wanted to put a certain class’ OP grenade onto your own class, you could! Or, say you wanted a Shadestepping Titan or a Triple Jumping Warlock? It’s not gamebreaking, it’s more choice. And in a game where I want the world to be my oyster, I wish every choice were possible; not fewer choices.

2. Let’s talk Shaders

Shaders are a pretty obvious request in a world that is so keen on customization. They change the colors of our armor and that’s great, but how about extending that a bit to, say, some Ship Shaders? Since our spaceships are still sticking to the “cosmetic only” mentality and we can’t actually fly them, wouldn’t it be great to customize the look of each ship with the color palette you want? I’d even be so inclined to ask why there aren’t any type of Exotic Shaders in the game when there are Exotics of weapons and armor. While we’re ranting, to aim for maximum customization options on each Guardian, what if they opened up Armor Shaders for each piece of your armor rather than just one for your whole outfit? Call me crazy, but I’d be down for a pink helm with black gauntlets, white chest and and poop brown boots. Go ahead, call me crazy!

3. Let’s talk Sparrows

destiny 2 want list

Photo: Bungie/Activision

I know, I know, more things that aren’t guns. But hey, Sparrows are cool; they’re basically your space car, and if there’s one thing to know about Destiny, it’s that everything you acquire becomes a badge of honor. Still not convinced? How about a Sparrow that’s more than just a glorified speeder bike to get you around the planets of Destiny? No surprise here, but more Sparrow Customization is the answer. Now, we’re not just talking Pimp My Sparrow Ride with Shaders. Imagine a Destiny where you could weaponize your Sparrow. We know what you were going for here anyway, Bungie. This could literally change the game. It would give players more choice in attacking, give us the Bungie trademark vehicle combat we know and love, and would even give us something to integrate into new Raid mechanics. And not to be repetitive, but why aren’t there Exotic Sparrows in the game yet? Give me an Exotic Tandem Sparrow that a friend and I can ride together and I’ll stop this article right now.

4. Let’s talk Melee Weapons

Simply, we want MORE. Ever since we laid hands on our first Sword, we couldn’t get enough. In a shooter, being given depth in weapon slots is the best thing we could ask for, and once we saw that epic Fire Axe from Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion, we immediately wished for more weapon types. It looks like Destiny 2 is already giving us a bo staff in place of the Hunter’s Bladedancer Super. Personally, I’m a sucker for nunchuks. Picture yourself going insane as you swing sticks of death around at high speeds into a group of Thrall. Or why not a mace? Or better yet, how about a whip with elemental damage? Heck, we could even rid of the Class specific weapons (a la Supers) and give everyone a chance at the Titan’s Hammers or the Hunter’s Bow and Arrow. OK OK, maybe it’d be cooler to ask for a crossbow. There, I wrote it. But I won’t ask for a lightsaber. Fine, I’ll ask for a lightsaber.

5. Let’s talk Damage Type

destiny 2 want list

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Not that we need it, but we’ve wondered if there will ever be a new elemental damage type to come to Destiny. Aside from Solar (orange), Arc (blue) and Void (purple) damage, what could be next in store? Perhaps sticking to color would help narrow it down. Black… Maybe Quantum damage? Or an obvious one is a Taken damage type. Then there’s always classic Green. Green sounds scary, right? Green could be Earth damage? Acidic? Gamma? Nuclear? Gaseous? Nope. That’s too much like a fart. Hey, there’s always White, too. White for Polar damage? Nope. Too close to Solar so… Glacial? Something meant to freeze enemies? Is anybody listening to me?

6. Let’s talk NPCs (Non-Playable Characters)

With notable voice acting talents like Lance Reddick (LOST), Lennie James (Snatch) Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres (Firefly, anyone?), doesn’t it make sense to make these NPC’s…. PC’s! It sounds like we’ll be fighting alongside some of our Vanguard and Crucible brethren this time in D2, or they at least won’t just be standing in one room the entire time while you’re out doing all the work and saving the world. So why not have some fun with beloved characters Zavala, Cayde, Ikora and even Shaxx in their own playable missions? I know I’d line up to drop some dough on that for some story-based DLC!

7. Let’s talk Exotics

destiny 2 want list

Photo: Bungie/Activision

Look, exotics are cool. We love them, and we think they should be showcased more. What better way to showcase them than in a new game mode? For PVE, what if there was a new Raid mechanic where the game lets you equip multiple exotics on your character rather than just the one gun and one armor piece? We’re talking a full set of exotic guns equipped and a full set of exotic armor. You’d be nearly unstoppable. And what about PVP, you ask? Going the way of games like Evolve and even Halo’s Juggernaut game mode, I’d like to see a 7v1 type mode where one lucky Guardian gets free reign on exotic slots, and the other seven need to take him down. Balancing issues aside, you can’t blame me for wanting all of that power. And come on, it’s seven versus one. How hard could it be to kill one guy?

8. Let’s talk Forge

OK, so fans from Halo will know that Bungie created a map editor called Forge. The feature still remains in the series today, even with Bungie’s departure, and if Halo 5 is any indication, it and the ideas from players have only gotten better. Can you imagine what a community like Destiny’s could do with Bungie’s Forge tools? Our team of substitute math teachers have figured out that Forge = More community interaction = More maps for games = More lasting appeal = More fun. Oh right, and it’s for free. So we’re just wondering… why isn’t this in the game already?

9. Let’s talk ADHD

destiny 2 want list

Mid adult man shouting whilst playing video game at night. Photo: Romona Robbins Photography (Getty).

In a game that is this large, and takes up so much time in load screens and, honestly, just waiting for your friends to get back from the john, it’d be nice to multitask a bit. Or just be distracted if you’re the one guy left waiting for his buddies to run their errands at The Tower. Some mini-games to pass the time would be nice. It appears Destiny 2’s new social space The Farm already had this in mind with soccer, but we’re thinking simpler. Why not add in a firing range to test out some of your newest weapons as you’re sitting in a loading screen waiting to get to a planet? Or how about simply being able to keep your Guardian loadout screen open as long as you want. You know, without the game kicking you out of it during changing just as your loading time ends, making it so you have to go back in to your screen to finish your loadout changes that you just tried to change but then… ugh. Look, we’ve all been there. Please fix this.

10. Let’s talk Air Combat

I’m aware that aerial combat is probably a big thing to take on in a shooter. Buuuuuut, c’mon, it’s a space game. We travel to other planets. You even have ships IN the game. I think we’re due to fly. Now, we don’t need to take control of flight ALL the time, but maybe Bungie could pull a trick out of the ol’ Halo Reach top hat and surprise us with just one mission to showcase some potential. And I swear I’ll shut up about it, but again, I think some Exotic Ships are another form of bragging rights every Guardian should have. It keeps the chase for more cool stuff exciting. And with cool spaceships, I think Will Smith captured that feeling best in Independence Day.

11. Let’s talk Little Things

destiny 2 want list

Photo: Bungie/Activision

Or plainly, the honorable mentions part of this article. As Destiny fans, obviously we have a lot of complaints for Bungie, so how about a few smaller ones to handle? For instance, how about the option to turn on/turn off armor for your Guardian while you’re in the actual game, not just the common social spaces. It’d be nice, given the customization or your Guardian’s face and race, to be able to showcase that any time you want. Don’t want to wear a helmet? Boom, it’s gone. Now let’s go shoot that Ogre. Another tiny one would be integrating a bragging rights Wager System for PVE scoring – making bets by putting your glimmer where your mouth is against your friends or Fireteam while completing Strikes, Nightfalls, Story Missions or Patrols. And last, but certainly the tiniest request, maybe just bring over all of the old Destiny Raids and Planets to Destiny 2 when you can, OK thanks byyyyyyye.

Of course this is all just a wish list. Destiny 2 is already looking like it’s in pretty good shape. But come on, we always want more, right? So Bungie, if you could, just please, do some of this stuff. OK? Do it. Is there anything else you think we’re destined for in the next Destiny? Comment below!

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