Woman Airlifted To Hospital After 83-Foot Belly-Flop Jump Fails

Screenshot: Instagram

About 82 feet too high for me.

During the Fourth of July holiday last week, an unnamed woman had to be airlifted to a Colorado hospital by a helicopter after a belly-flop she attempted off an 84-foot cliff went terribly wrong. The video, shot by Rachel Dukich and shared on her Instagram, shows the woman flailing her arms mid-air as she prepares for a brutal landing.

Let’s take a look at the video below taken at Paradise Cove Cliff.

Holy hell, I felt that one over here.

Dukich explained on her Instagram that the woman suffered a bloody nose and was “highly disoriented.” After that fall, she should be thankful she isn’t dead. Dukich also had this to say in the Instagram comments.

“I think she jumped out far to be sure to clear the rock face and found her self in superman and instead of pulling her legs in to straighten out, she panicked, froze, and flailed.”

As an update, Dukich let everyone know that the woman is expected to make a full recovery.

h/t Daily Mail

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