The 14 Best Car Chases That No One Talks About

Everybody loves a good car chase, but nobody loves a car chase the way that filmmakers do. That’s because car chases are one of the few things movies do better than any other medium. The momentum, the energy, the suspense and the humor are absolutely electric in a series of moving images, and for decades now, directors have been trying to top each other with one amazing car chase after another.

The problem is, lots of filmmakers try to make a great car chase, but most film lovers and even film critics tend to focus on the handful of examples that everybody knows about. Sure, BullittThe French Connection and The Bourne Identity are some of the best car chases in movie history, but what about the films that came close? What about the films that rarely – if ever – make it onto lists of “The Best Car Chases in Movie History”, but that deserve tons of credit for being awesome anyway?

That’s where we come in. We’ve looked at the history of the movie car chase and picked out our favorite, underrated examples of this awesome breed of action sequence. Maybe the movie itself has been completely forgotten, or maybe the movie is popular and just the car chase is overlooked, but either way these amazing set pieces that deserve to be remembered more than… well, maybe not The Italian Job, but at LEAST the remake of The Italian Job.

The 14 Best Car Chases That No One Talks About:

Top Photo: Sony Pictures

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