There Are A Preposterous Amount Of Movies That Mention Their Title In The Film

Even if it was already pointed out by Family Guy several years ago, that doesn’t make the sheer volume of movies that mention their own titles any more staggering or absurd. I mean, am I supposed to judge a book by its cover, or aren’t I? If so, the following films that made it a point to name drop themselves should be pretty easy to decide whether or not you’d like. After all, they say the damn name of the movie in the movie! To put it another way, there are a preposterous amount of movies that mention their title in the film. Oh great, now they even got me doing it. Just roll the footage:

Don’t get the wrong idea, there’s nothing wrong with meta. Or when movies and TV shows have been around for so long or become such a part of everyday pop culture references that they start becoming reality. But we already know the movie we are watching. You’re not going to get us with some sort of “A-ha!” moment here by clocking us over the head with it. But we gotta say, kudos to Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot. We thought that title was just there to be ridiculous, but you went for broke.

h/t Slash Film

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