Here’s 4 Minutes Of Dudes Getting Hit In The Groin Set To Peter Gabriel’s ‘Solsbury Hill’ Just Because

Photo: Vimeo

Listen, is there a reason why this video was created? Of course not. Are we glad that it was created? Of course we are. There is nothing more funny than watching a man getting hit in the nuts. I mean, just ask Homer Simpson.

Now that was satisfying. But what about if we showed you about four minutes of dudes not only getting hit in the groin, but how about you saw all of that while Peter Gabriel’s “Solsbury Hill” played in the background? Sounds absurd, huh? Or genius?

Well, you be the judge and take a look at this perfect video shared by Vimeo user Stefan Heck who calls it “the greatest nutshot compilation of all time.”

Have at it.

So pointless, yet so amazing to watch. Of course this is only amazing to watch because you’re not the one having to go through the pain of having your jewels injured in various ways like the poor dudes in the video above had to go through. But if you happen to be in the video above, well, we hope your jewels are doing better now.

h/t Maxim

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