Shoutout To This Toddler And Dog Who Teamed Up To Raid The Fridge

Photo: Facebook/Rob Herbert

Toddler’s best friend.

Let’s take a break from stories about teachers behaving badly, dudes getting their groin injured and a gal going topless to take a look at this pretty awesome video of a toddler and his dog working together to get some food. Rob Herbert and Carrie Harden are not only parents to a pretty clever toddler named Maverick, but also owners to a pretty great dog named Leroy who is all about doing everything in his power to get some food. Even becoming a step-ladder.

I think it’s better to watch the video. Have a look at it below thanks to Rob’s Facebook.

Shoutout To This Toddler And Dog Who Teamed Up To Raid The Fridge

This was apparently all planned by the toddler and the dog, at least according to Carrie.

“I call them my twins for a reason. They’re usually up to no good together. What I wasn’t fast enough to catch on video was Maverick pulling Leroy by the collar over to the fridge to get him in place. He obviously had a plan.”

Damn, this is one smart pair. Here’s hoping that Leroy the dog got a reward from the fridge for his troubles.

h/t Distractify

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