The B-Movies Podcast #327 | Yes, ‘The Book of Henry’ is THAT Bad

The Book of Henry is being called one of the worst movies in years. That sounds like a challenge! This week on The B-Movies Podcast we sent William Bibbiani out to see The Book of Henry and find out whether Colin Trevorrow’s film really deserves all the ire it’s been getting. (Spoiler alert: it does, and moreso.)

Also on this week’s episode, William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold review more new releases, including Cars 3All Eyes On Me and 47 Meters Down, and say goodbye to the late, great John G. Avildsen and Stephen Furst. They’ll also debate the future of the Conjuring series and the Cannonball Run spin-off, read your amazing laters, and more!

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