And Here We Have A Player Pooping Out A Football To Celebrate A Touchdown

Photo: Twitter

Odds are before this weekend, you best recognized the name Damond Powell from the phrase, “Who in the hell is Damond Powell?”

Well, now you’re going to know him as the Cedar Rapids Titans wide receiver who scored a touchdown in an Indoor Football League game against the Arizona Rattlers yesterday and then pretended to shit out the football as a way to celebrate scoring in a game, so we’re not sure if that’s an improvement or not.

Any crap (pun intended), here is what that “celebration” looked like:

You have to think that Don O’Brien summed it up perfectly with “some guy.” Then again, maybe we’re both wrong in thinking that this was one of the worst touchdown celebrations we have ever seen. Who knows? Maybe since his team is 1-10 this year, Powell’s shit show was the perfect way to sum up both his and his team’s 2017 season.

h/t BroBible

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